Envirup aims to provide a sustainable way

of growing and supplying produce.

Envirup Our Mission

To cut heat loss and energy usage, while increasing domestic food production in the UK – shortening the supply chain.

Deal with rising Energy prices

The government’s Clean-Growth-Strategy and more eco-conscious consumers are demanding the agriculture sector contribute greater productivity at lower planetary cost.

Envirup addresses these problems

Our new type of insulation will help to lower costs and energy usage resulting in more produce being grown in the UK, saving money, time and energy on food imports as well as providing support for local British businesses.

Our Product

The Envirup Insulation System is made from a patented design of high optical polycarbonate with UV protective coating. This will dramatically increase the productivity of greenhouses while cutting additional heating costs.


  • An Uw-Value of 1.66 – compared to 6.88 for glass

  • An average heat loss of just 18%.

  • Reduced aluminium sub-framing making it fast, safe, and easy to install

  • Less likely to break than glass

Optimal Conditions for long periods

Lower heat loss

Resilient building structure

Greater energy saving

About us

Envirup provides high-quality energy efficiency and management solutions for government departments, local councils, The Carbon Trust, and private sector organisations of all sizes.

Our work includes supporting large scale and small-scale wind projects within Europe including biomass energy developments, solar manufacturers, and solar installation developers within the UK.

We have also provided training and seminars for Business Link and Nottingham Trent University; and have received technical support by the world renowned BRE and Sustainable Construction INet. We have been the supplier of choice for a number of London City property management companies including ‘A Grade’offices, large shopping centres, and commercial buildings.

Potential to fuel new investment closer to major cities to create agriculture jobs, reduce the need for overseas labour and cut high carbon imported produce.

Waste is a huge issue in the agriculture sector. The pandemic, border delays and rising energy prices all demonstrate the need to reduce cost, waste, climate impact, and miles within our food supply chain.

Within three years we aim to be recognised as the first-choice energy savings system for commercial greenhouses. There is great potential for expansion and international growth.

Analysis showed a Uw-Value of 1.66 potentially cutting 5- 20% energy cost pa and an optical performance of 82.6%, extending the growing season by 10% with 11%+ yields increase.

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