The traditional wet render based EWI systemsEnvirup-08

External wall insulation has traditionally been made up of insulation boards affixed to the wall, covered with layers of cement based render, reinforced material, further render and colour layers. The installation process is complicated, needs a lot of time and can only be installed in dry weather conditions. That means that the quality of the final finish depends on the skill of the installers and the weather conditions.
Furthermore, the mix of the used materials and the complicated installation process means that incorrect installation is often easily done which often cause serious damage for the properties.



This is a report by the authority of external wall insulation that shows the current problems with the common insulation systems. This report is very useful for industry.

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We saw that there is a need for a faster, quicker and simpler way to insulate homes. So we present you:

The Envirup Solution

  • our patent, design registered product simplifies the insulation process heavily. That means less work for the installers as well as less waiting time for house owners… so less stress for everyone!Envirup-03
  • Other than the common system, the Envirup panels can be installed on a wide variety of build types and in any weather condition
  • our system is very easy to handle and is made out of 75% recycled material probably making it the insulating system with the lowest carbon footprint


The Envirup Insulation System

The patented, design registered system is a technological leap forward in the insulating the external walls of buildings. The components simplify the installation process by taking out the skilled trades, requiring less work to fully insulate the property. All components are waterproof so it can be installed in any weather conditions as long as it is safe for the installers. The insulating panel is made from 75% recycled material, probably one of the only systems that has any recycled material within it, therefore, giving it one of the lowest carbon footprints of any insulation systems. The Envirup system is also suitable for a range of build types such as Masonry, Dense concrete, Timber frame and steel frame. Most common EWI systems are only suitable for Masonry and concrete buildings because the testing is the easiest to pass for these build types.

Envirup-05All installers fitting our system have to complete our training course. But the components fit together easily and we can quickly teach people with some construction experience, from labourers to experienced hands. 100% of installers completing the course are registered as partners of Envirup and from that point are allowed to install our system.



You can also contact us for more information or when you are interested in working with us!

Our progress

The Envirup system has been in development for over 6 years. It takes a while for a little company to progress through the very conservative building products industry. We are therefore very proud that we already insulated homes and that we could see our system working.

Here are some pictures of the first home we insulated with the Envirup system!


A non-insulated steel frame house

Heat loss from a non-insulated house



Starting the insulation process


The insulated house and the amazing team!



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We have worked with a number of fantastic partners to take our product through the commercialisation phase. We now have a tooled, produced, tested, certified, installed and ready to go product.

Thank you! We could not have done it without you!

Multinational utility company, working with Eco Innovation Department, to guide us through the legislation, regulatory and funding requirements.



Uni Nottimngham-01working with the Department of Built Environmental, to help assess the performance (static and dynamic) on virtual models, testing early prototypes and funding bids.




Eurocell-01The leading high quality manufacturers UK and Ireland exclusive licensee to the Envirup IP, manufacturing, marketing and distribution partner.

Nott City Homes-01Leading social housing association, providing the perspective of large social landlord and the first real test installation on a BISF house.





community interest company helping to improve the energy efficiency of privately owned homes.






experts in building chartered surveyors providing technical assistance on the implications of changing building.




TSB DI-01Uk’s innovating support and funding body, funding a large part of the system’s commercialisation, bringing all these great partners to progress the technology.