About Us

Envirup originally in established in 2002 by Assim Ishaque to provide Energy Management and procurement services to owners of A-Grade property and shopping centres, leading to multimillion pound procurement projects for the UK Government (HMRC), regional government and private companies. We used our financial background to Envirup to provide renewable energy funding consultancy for developers of wind farm projects, biomass energy projects, waste to energy pioneers, steel manufacturers and technology companies. With the financial crisis around 2007-08, project funding was no longer possible and we morphed into energy efficiency projects around the Green Deal and Energy Company obligation. The insight into residential energy requirements, fuel poverty and the rising energy prices created the spark that lead to the invention of the Envirup external wall insulation system, which is where most of our work is now.

Founded by Assim Ishaque

Assim Ishaque (chartered Energy Manager, member of the Energy Institution by election, associateship of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment by examination, BA(hons) in Accounting and Finance) is the founder of Envirup and inventor of the new wall insulation system. He established Envirup to provide pragmatic and proactive consultancy to contribute to a lower carbon and sustainable future. This desire to make a positive difference has lead Envirup to carry out a wide range of projects, giving this little company a great deal of practical experience.

Our previous projects

Energy Management:

  • Envirup has provided energy management solutions to properties owned by Her Majesties Customs&Exercise, F&C Reit, Royal Bank of Scotland, Hermes Asset Management, Mapeley, local authorities and National Air Traffic control

Sustainability/Carbon risk management:

  • completing projects funded by local government, with the Carbon Trust and shopping centres across the country

Renewable energy project funding:

  • We have advised project developers  of a great range technologies from wind, solar, waste to energy, biomass in Romania, Greece, Hungary and the UK . Our work has included project assessment, financial assessment, technical due diligence, location assessment , business plans, investment incentive application and dept/equity funding. We have been involved with projects with an investment value of around £500 million over that past 10 years.

Green Deal

  • As Domestic Energy Assessors and Green Deal Assessors, we gained insight into the workings of this initiative, training new assessors and auditing installations of energy efficiency measures across the UK. We therefore have good contacts with energy efficiency installers around the country.

External Wall Insulation

  • Envirup invented a new form of external wall insulation system that is a technological leap on current systems. The aim of this new technology to help insulate the nations old and cold homes – but faster, simpler, with less disruption, in a consistent manner, without interruption by the weather . This project is currently our main focus. We work with a number of other capable partners to commercialise this project that we are proud to partner with.


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